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Mousehole, part 1


1) Mousehole Exchequer
2) Margot the seamstress
3) Wort’s shoes and boots
4) Uthrapen the Armorer
5) The Lazar House ( charity medical care)
6) General Store
7) Wal’s Cloth and sundries
8) Olog the jeweler
9) Bell’s candles
10) warehouse space, rent
( they have chimneys so the watch can keep warm in winter)

11) Silvermoon Spices and Teas
12) Ye Olde Wizard Shop
13) Ye Olde Wizard’s Home
14) Lantern and Candle maker
15) Perfumer’s Shop
16) town Cleric
17) graveyard
18) The Chantry and Monestory of the Revered Order of Istys
19) Istys Cleric Apprentices
20) Moonglow Keep ( glows slightly under moon light)
21) Dragging Keep ( rumor has it that large metal spikes are pounded into the deepest level to prevent it from dragging itself about the area.)

The small town of Mousehole. It is detailed in the game. I have moved things around and used some different names.

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